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Offer the same competitive pricing and discounts as national chains without paying out of pocket. Our platform pays for itself! 


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Brand-Funded Promotions on Skupos Engage:

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Access exclusive promotions. Connect with your customers. Expand profits.

With Skupos Engage, retailers are successfully utilizing tobacco scan data programs and exclusive brand-funded discounts to keep customers coming back and buying more.

In our latest case study, we discovered how stores earned up to $7,218 in just one year with Skupos! Here is a quick glance at one retail executive’s success on Skupos Engage in 2022:


  • 28% of their customers returned to buy a discounted product again
  • Earned an additional $544 a month with tobacco programs
  • Offered 18 exclusive brand funded promotions to their customers
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Supported Point of Sale Systems

Our team is focused on expanding the reach of Skupos Engage for additional POS Systems in the future. Stay tuned!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Thanks to Skupos, we get a lot of repeat customers. They come back every day, especially for 5-hour Energy. As long as they are saving money, they are happy.

Sam Niazi

Independent Store Owner

Convenience Store Community

Included With Skupos Engage:

Your one stop shop for everything your store needs to help your business stay competitive.


Scan Data & Rebate Programs


Year Round Brand-Funded Promotions


Ability to Participate in Altria's DTP Program


Pilot Programs with Top CPG Brands


Promotional Signage for Your Store


Affordable Subscription that Pays for Itself

Interested in Learning More About Altria's Digital Trade Program? 

Review our latest case study highlighting the ways your store can drive incremental profits outside of the traditional revenue streams.


When you receive extra earnings per month from Altria based on transactions from your loyal customers, you’ll also earn additional revenue from the purchases that those customers make!



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